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Durable low density polyethylene 400 micron bubble profile extruded (LDPE)

The pool cover is an extruded plastic sheet in a bubble profile.  It is 400 micron thick and is treated with all the necessary UV stabilizing additives. The panels are supplied in 1.500m wide by the required length. We double stitch the panels together with a polyester thread the same as what is used in the manufacture of leather shoes. This renders the thread UV stable.

Expected life span of the product is 3-4 years.  Please refer to the maintenance document found here



The advantages of sewing the solar cover is that no intense heat is utilised to secure the joins. Plastersizers are utilized in the make up of the product. This is to render it flexible. The natural behaviour of plastersizers is for the plastersizers to leach to the surface. Once the plastersizers are depleted the product will reach the end of its life span and it will be brittle. Heat welding emphasizes plastersizer migration and shortens the life span of the product. Stitching the product therefor has no adverse effect on the make up of the LDPE rendering it more stable.


pool cover
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