Pool Cover Maintenance Tips

Pool Cover Maintenance Tips

Solar pool cover maintenance & cleaning is fairly easy as long as you take some precautions. You paid good money for your solar cover, so it only makes sense that you would do whatever is necessary to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

10 Practical Pool Cover Maintenance Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Solar Cover:

1. Buy a pool cover with bubbles incorporated into the design. Bubbles are very efficient when it comes to absorbing sunlight and transferring the heat into the water.
2.When placing the cover over your pool onto the water, do it with the bubble side facing down.
3. When cleaning it, use a soft brush with water and a non-toxic cleaner. Hose the dirt, leaves and insects off while it is still floating on top of the water.
4. When your pool cover is not being used, keep it covered it with a protective sheet. You can buy this when purchasing your cover.
5. If the level of chlorine in your pool is too high it could damage your solar cover. The level of chlorine in the pool should be no more than 3 parts per million to avoid ruining the cover.

Pool cover maintenance

Pool Cover Maintenance Storage Tips

6. When storing your cover, make sure the temperature is below 37° C. If your cover is stored at higher temperatures, you risk shortening its life span.
7. Your pool cover should never be stored in the sun. When it’s not floating on the water keep it away from heat, otherwise it will just burn itself.
8. To store your cover short-term, buy an automatic pool cover reel. This allows you to easily remove the cover for swimming and put it back on when you’re out of the pool. Otherwise you would have to take the entire solar cover off every time you want to use the pool. Never place the cover beside the pool on the ground when you take it off, as it will simply get dirty and gather debris.
9. If you’re going to store it long-term, you need to thoroughly clean it, letting it dry completely, otherwise it will certainly mildew. Once it has fully dried, fold it up on the seams, then very carefully roll it up. Use your protective cover and store it in a clean space at a moderate temperature.
10. Never leave your pool cover on the pool during winter. This is when you want to follow the procedures above for long-term storage.

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