Swimming Pool Cover Major Benefits

Swimming Pool Cover Major Benefits

Have you ever thought about getting a swimming pool cover? If you have a backyard swimming pool you’re going to have to keep it clean and make sure the equipment is well maintained.  Covering your pool will certainly keep it cleaner, prevent evaporation, and save on energy, which saves you money. Although you may not feel the urgency now, at some point in time, you’ll see the need to buy a swimming pool cover.
Your pool looks beautiful, with crystal clear water inviting you in for a swim, but as you know, it takes a lot of work to keep it looking like this. And when you least expect it, the wind starts blowing and your backyard is a total disaster, with a pool you can’t even see because of all the twigs, leaves, dirt and debris. It’s a filthy mess!
Now you’re thinking that you should have spent your money on a swimming pool cover rather than an inflatable floating bar! Well, now you’re smarter so maybe it’s time to think about covering your pool.

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Here are 8 major benefits of having a good swimming pool cover:

Helps Your Pool Stay Heated
When you cover your heated pool during the night it will contain the heat. You will have warmer water, which makes the water so much more comfortable to swim in. If you rely on the sun to heat your pool, keeping it covered during the nighttime hours will ensure that it stays warm enough to enjoy a swim the next day. Otherwise all the heat the sun provided during the day would be lost overnight when the weather cools down.
It won’t take the most expensive cover to make a noticeable difference either: relatively inexpensive vinyl and solar pool covers can still keep pool water warm.

Maintaining Your Pool is Easier
Are you having fun when you vaccum out the swimming pool? My guess is that the novelty wore off long ago. Wouldn’t you like to vacuum it less often, and get it done much faster? With a swimming pool cover your pool will stay cleaner a lot longer, making maintenance so much easier.
Keeps Twigs, Leaves, Dirt and Debris From Blowing In
When a swimming pool isn’t covered all kinds of stuff can fall or blow into it. This includes dead insects, leaves from shedding bushes and trees, dog toys, tennis balls from the neighbors, etc. This means you’ll spend the day using a pole with a net attached to gather it all up and out of the pool. Your other choice is to get a pool cover and end this problem once and for all. This would give you more time to maybe enjoy a swim, don’t you think?
Easy to Use
If you’re able to afford an automatic track cover, that’s the way to go. All you do is press a button or the remote control and you’re set. But, if you don’t have the money to buy one of these, other pool covers are fairly easy to use as well.
Reduces Chemical Use
The chemicals in swimming pools can cause red watery eyes and sneezing in a lot of people. People can get allergic reactions and even asthma. When you use a swimming pool cover it lowers your pool’s consumption of chemicals by 35% to 60%.
Lowers Energy Costs
Covering your pool will save on energy whether you’re heating it with electricity, gas or solar. When you save energy, you’re help save the planet, not to mention the money.
Saves on Water
When your pool is covered, less water is lost due to evaporation. You won’t have to fill your swimming pool up as often as you used to when you weren’t covering your pool. If you are living in an area suffering from drought  where water restrictions apply, this is a definite benefit.
Saves Money
There are certain things in life that are worth investing in. A swimming pool cover is definitely worth the investment. Once you have your pool covered you will immediately notice how much money you’re saving. It will cost less to heat the pool, you won’t need as many chemicals, your water bill will be lower due to much less evaporation, etc.

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